Cultivating Environments
for Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development Initiative:

Human Capital is the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.
Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviours, and attitudes.
MPU Group has generously funded over 36 candidates to complete their National Qualification: The National Certificate; Information Technology through ATTI Nelspruit Private College. MPU Group is the Lead Employer of this programme.
This learnership that MPU Group has invested in has had an immense impact on the social development and upliftment of previously disadvantaged youth within the communities in South Africa.
The purpose of this NQF level 3 qualification is to provide a framework for learners to build the knowledge and skills required as an entry level entrant into the workplace. Successful candidates should be able to contribute positively towards our regional economic environment.


The main objective of this initiative is to assist schools in rural areas. The MPU Group notices that the schools have greater needs than the grants they receive and have realised that most schools are unable to make copies or printouts of learning aids such as revision exercises and or notes. We have cut our costs drastically to offer an affordable solution to these schools. They now have access to the basic concept of a photocopier and this makes a huge difference to their learning environment.
MPU Group also gives these schools a cash back incentive and with this incentive they can purchase other items they may need that are not subsidised, like food, clothes, and school educational trips.
It is important for us at MPU Group to invest in the future of our youth, we see the importance and therefore consider it our privilege to be a part of developing their future.

Huis Betlehem

The Heart of MPU lies in the Lowveld, Nelspruit. This is where it all began and all though, our presence has expanded nationally, we will always stay true to our roots and support and develop our local community as much as possible.
Huis Betlehem opened its doors in 2000 to children who had to be removed from their family homes because of trauma or family conflict.
Huis Betlehem offers children a place of safety according to the Children's Act 805, 2005. They have two houses, one in White River and another in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, which host up to 8 children each under the supervision of a Social Worker, and their House parents. These House parents provide an environment for these children to be loved and cared for during this traumatic and unsettling time of their lives.
Since this is a non-profit organisation and is mainly funded through the child welfare and the department of social welfare, they are often in desperate need of funds and or contributions of all sorts for the children and the house itself.
MPU Group is a proud sponsor to the many needs of these houses and will continue to support this local initiative as much as possible.

Prolife Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

Prolife rescues, rehabilitates and re-home dogs and cats that are starving, abandoned, or abused. Their mission is to give every pet that is rescued a happy home and a safe haven where they can feel comfortable and loved.
This non-profit organisation relies solidly on the community to fund and sponsor food, medicine, vet bills, toys and a safe, happy and healthy home to these animals.
At the MPU Group we have a very soft spot for these animals and because we care so deeply for them, we make a very generous contribution to this initiative, hoping to make a difference and hoping to ensure places like Prolife stay open and are able to provide for these animals.
The MPU Group visited Prolife on the 18th of July 2017 for their 67 minutes on Nelson Mandela day. We wish to continue this great initiative going forward.